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Fastest Turnaround Times

Our 24/7, online, automated and reliable service provides the fastest turnaround times available.

Unbeatable Global Coverage

We verify qualifications at tens of thousands of universities, colleges and professional bodies in more than a hundred countries worldwide.

Secure & Confidential

Our technology safeguards confidential information through SHA-256 encryption and ensures our users are fully GDPR compliant.

  • A one stop solution for global education verifications available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • No chasing of enquiries through phone calls, emails, faxes or letters
  • On-demand support from our team of multilingual verification experts
  • Full audit trail with electronic responses mapped easily to existing back-office systems

How it works

1. Sign up

Set up your own account where all your transactions and results are securely stored.

2. Request a validation

Fill in the necessary details, submit a consent form if required, and leave the rest up to us!

3. Receive your result

The verification outcome will be sent to your dashboard and you will receive an email alert.


One out of 12 verification requests that we process results in discrepancies.

This highlights the fact that organisations that don’t carry out thorough qualification checks are putting themselves at high risk.